Crude oil market history

Crude oil market history

In aCrude oil market historyddition, US oil producers also intend to transport crude oil to Cushing, a major oil storage center near the Gulf of Mexico. However, many analysts said that if global crude oil demand does not rebound significantly, it is expected that Cushing's available storage capacity will also be used up in May.

The roads for production companies and oil blending trading companies to avoid tax through ticket changes have been blocked. For Shandong Refinery, the burden of operating funds has increased, the market circulation of bill resources has tightened, and the price has increased. According to Zhongyu Information, the current diesel tickets are monitored. The mainstream price is 800-920 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of gasoline tickets is about 800-2000 yuan/ton, which is a 60% increase compared to last year for diesel tickets, while gasoline fares have increased by nearly 90% to 00%. In August, some of the main business units in East China and South China were to ensure retail profits, and the wholesale link began to control sales. The tight news of market resources continued to affect the market. The main quotations were strong due to the tightening of bills and resources, but the market transactions did not Ideal, the phenomenon of price but no market is obvious.

In spot crude oil investment, unlike the stock market, there is leverage in this market. The issue of leverage has been mentioned in many previous articles on China Petroleum Finance and Economics. I will not say more about this. The following is how we make good use of spot crude oil. Investing in leveraged trading to make a profit? The most violent period of speculation in spot crude oil trading is usually from 1 pm to 5 pm and 7 pm to 2 pm; it is best not to hold positions overnight. If you have to hold positions, you must set the stop loss price and Take profit price; You must set the stop profit and stop loss, and strictly enforce them. The stop loss is like a car seat belt, which protects your safety and prevents strong unilateral market conditions. Keep the green hills and you are not afraid of no firewood. Don’t trust your instincts too much, but read more international news. Don’t look at what other people say in one sentence, but look at what is happening in the market; don’t simply operate with a full position at any time; operate lightly and make steady investment. Kingly way, you must be motivated to make orders. For example, I have one hundred yuan and you have one million. If I bet 50 yuan with you at a time, I only need to do it twice in a row, and I will play; if I bet one yuan with you at a time, you have to win at least I can only let me play for 00 times! Don't fall into the beginner stage, wait until you are familiar with it before adding more. It is necessary to judge the big trend, follow the market, and be cautious when doing the band. Investment should be oriented towards the general direction. It is better to point a little bit closer than to grab a point for a good point. Once the direction is wrong, coupled with leverage, the risk will be great. Ordinary crude oil investors should not be overconfident and reverse. The potential operation, otherwise it will often end in tragedy. Don't always think about guessing the top and the bottom, it is more stable to enter the game after the direction is set. Choose to enter the market at the best time, don't blindly place orders as soon as the market opens. 0. Enter the arena when you are in the best state and grasp the most. Be a good bystander, aim at the time and shoot again, and hit the spot. Trading operations should not be too frequent. Crude oil investors should not sit on the computer 24 hours a day. Excessive tension is not good. This problem often exists among beginners. Believe in intuition, don't change strategy easily, and don't change your investment plan every day. Maintain a good investment mentality. Money is not easy to make. If you want to make money, you have to find the right way and take the right way. Spot crude oil investment has become unprecedentedly hot recently. It is definitely not groundless and unreasonable. If you don't enter the market when it is booming, do you have to wait and see the oil market like the stock market and property market before? There is only one sentence, the opportunity is fleeting, time does not wait!

In fact, Deutsche Bank’s warning was not wrong. The global capital market experienced rare fluctuations due to the surge in international oil prices: First, the yield on the 0-year Treasury bond in the United States reached a high of 05% on April 25, marking a record of 204 years. The highest level since the beginning of the year. The data has since climbed further, rising to 2% on May 7, the first time since July 20.

Croft said in May that oil prices are likely to return to $00 per barrel in the future. He believes that oil prices only need to rise by more than %, but if this level is reached, oil prices may still hit a new multi-year high.

Abstract: After achieving energy self-sufficiency for the first time in 75 years, the United States discovered the largest oil and gas field in history. Coupled with the fact that the price of gasolinCrude oil market historye in the United States has dropped to its lowest level in a year and a half, Trump will be happy.

In the investment market, spot crude oil investment has attracted more and more attention. Many friends who are eager for wealth have begun to contact this investment management product, hoping to make a profit from it. However, all investment customers should know that the crude oil speculation needs to look at the market and the market trend. So how do you look at the market for the spot crude oil? Look at the trading volume by observing the changes in the volume bar and the corresponding price changes to determine the volume Whether the price match is a positive match or a negative match. Specifically, the volume bar has gradually increased from short to longer, and the price has also increased simultaneously, indicating that the momentum of pushing up is continuously strengthening, which is a positive match and can be followed; on the contrary, when the price rises, the volume bar is shrinking, which is a negative match. Look at the change in futures prices. When investing in spot crude oil, the time-sharing chart of the handicap sometimes suddenly appears to surge or dive. Because there is no warning in advance, it is called an abnormal trend. If you do not find out the reason, but follow the trend of the time-sharing chart to make investment decisions, it is very easy to get confused. In general, you should quickly search for the price trends of CBOT, LME and other exchanges, browse various news, and find out the cause as soon as possible. The principle is to watch the game in the short-term, although there are opportunities for long and short. However, you must have the overall trend judgment in your mind. For example, crude oil is now an adjustment after a long-term rise, and there is no obvious drop in demand. Short-term short-term holdings need to be cautious. On the contrary, in the long-term trend, be careful to hold long positions in the short term. Looking at the situation of the main control disk, the opening stage generally involves digesting the trend of the external disk and the latest news of the domestic market. Generally speaking, the impact of this kind of information on the domestic market will be fully displayed within 5 minutes, and then gradually faded, in about half an hour. , Forming a balanced pattern. I believe that after reading this article, everyone will have a deeper understanding of spot crude oil trading skills. If you want to know more about the spot crude oil market-reading skills, you can continue to pay attention to the China Petroleum Finance Network Academy section.

On the whole, the continuous decline in oil inventory levels, strong growth in crude oil demand, the risk of supply interruptions in some oil-producing countries, and the bottleneck of shale oil transportation in the United States will further aggravate the tight market supply situation in the future.