Current crude oil prices

Current crude oil prices

At the same time, any move by Saudi Arabia will disgust manufacturers with high production costs, including those in Canada. The cost of extracting oil from oil sands in Canada is very expensive. For these producers, high oil prices can guarantee production. At the same time, some US shale oil producers also rely on high oil priCurrent crude oil pricesces for profit.

Although crude oil prices have plunged recently, the previous surge in crude oil prices is still vivid. According to CNNMoney, the soaring oil prices have made the world's third-largest energy consumer, India, worried.

The U.S. EIA crude oil inventory has been announced, and the market is expected to decrease, but the actual data recorded an increase, which affected the short-term fluctuation of crude oil prices. It is worth noting that EIA is strong and bearish, but crude oil prices have risen instead of falling. Why?

Then, the oil industry will usher in a major revaluation. As of 207, the total assets of the oil and gas and pipeline sectors were 59.2 billion yuan, the net assets of the sector were 99.2 billion yuan, and the pre-interest and tax profit was 50 billion yuan. The loss of imported gas was not borne. The Qiu Xiaofeng team of Everbright believes that the value of the future will be revalued. At least 400-600 billion yuan.

Iraq’s Kirkuk Province has the largest oil field in the Middle East. Since 207, Iraq has shipped Kirkuk’s oil to Iran’s refineries, and Iran has shipped the same amount of oil to Iraq’s southern ports.

Jahangiri accused the United States of vainly attempting to launch an economic war against Iran and Current crude oil pricesinciting Iran’s internal conflicts. Iran will let the United States understand that such an approach would only be a mistake. No matter how the US pressures it, Iran will insist on oil exports and supply as much oil as possible to the international market.