U.S. crude oil inventories do not include strategic oil reserves

U.S. crude oil inventories do not include strategic oil reserves

From the perspective of short-term crude oil trends, the impact of Trump’s early announcement of the results of the Iran nuclear agreement will inevitably stimulate crude oil prices to start a strong upward market, but on thU.S. crude oil inventories do not include strategic oil reservese other hand, it must be considered that it is accompanied by Trang With the arrival of this news, will there be short-term selling in the market? Because looking at past market trends, the market for buying expectations and selling facts appears from time to time. Even after the oil price reached a high of 70.76 yesterday, it was accompanied by special prices in the evening. Lampe's speech gave up all the gains, which is undoubtedly selling facts.

China Petroleum.com.cn, April 25. The spot crude oil price plummeted by nearly 2 US dollars last night, first stood at 69 US dollars, and then fell below 67 US dollars. The reason for the sharp rise in crude oil prices was the Iran nuclear agreement, but the market has passed, and the new market is about to With the advent, how should crude oil investors view EIA inventory?

Does Trump want oil prices to rise? From the China Oil Network, I certainly hope, but not now, because if Trump wants a surge in oil prices, it will cause chaos in the Middle East or put pressure on Iran. Trump is not doing this right now. It means that Trump’s tearing up of the agreement is more meaningful than reality this time, and Trump just wants to eradicate Obama’s legacy policies. As for the Iran sanctions, they can be dealt with later.

And just a month ago, Goldman Sachs predicted that oil distribution could hit US$85 per barrel this summer and may be US$75 per barrel at the end of the year. The reason is that demand growth is strong, while supply will be further reduced and inventories will continue to decrease, which may drive oil prices. Go higher.

On May 20, 208, the current President Maduro was easily elected as the new president in Venezuela's general election. After the results of the general election were announced, US Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan stated that the United States will not recognize the results of the Venezuelan presidential election and that the country’s oil industry sanctions are still under active review. The United States stated that it will prohibit American citizens and companies from trading Venezuelan sovereign bonds, etc. Sanctions will tend to expand in the future.

Last Friday, July 6, Iran and China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany held a foreign ministerial meeting in Vienna to save the Iranian nuclear agreement on the verge of collapse. The five countries of China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany stated in the joint statement that they will remain committed to maintaining economic cooperation with Iran, including continuing to carry out oilU.S. crude oil inventories do not include strategic oil reserves and gas import and export trade with Iran.