The first U.S. tanker to export crude oil from Texas

The first U.S. tanker to export crude oil from Texas

OPEC and itThe first U.S. tanker to export crude oil from Texass allies succeeded in eliminating the oversupply of crude oil through a production cut plan implemented in early 207, pushing oil prices to an annual high of $75/barrel. Venezuela has cut 6 times its promised output due to the domestic economic crisis, which will help OPEC achieve its production reduction target.

But Barclays believes: This does not mean that the world will face a shortage of supply. Oil prices may hit US$80 or higher in the short term, but this price level has once again awakened the vitality of the oil industry. In our view, oil prices will not enter another cycle of prosperity because of the coming'supply gap'.

Bloomberg quoted the US Energy Information Administration as saying that the narrowest point of the Bab-Mandab Strait is only 8 miles or 29 kilometers. Rebel attacks may force oil from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates to circumvent the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa, thereby driving up transportation time and costs.

The possibility of reimposing sanctions on Iran has discouraged many international oil companies and hindered the Iranian government’s ambitions to increase production. France’s Total has hinted that if it fails to obtain immunity from the United States and successfully conduct commercial activities in Iran, the company’s plans may be stalled. Total is the only global professional company that has signed an important investment agreement for the Persian Gulf countries.

Risk is to be aware of and recognize the existence of risks, and use the best method to reduce the risk of spot crude oil. Three don't do: don't do it when you are in a bad mood; don't do it when you don't understand the market; don't do it when you are in a bad state. Weak position: When trading, open positions based on the amount of funds in the account. The general principle is that the position does not exceed one-third of the amount of funds. It is strictly forbidden to make heavy positions, and it is strictly forbidden to make orders against the market! Strict stop loss: After placing an order, whether it is long or short, loss The range cannot exceed one point. Exceeding it means that the order is wrong. No matter how the market goes, stop loss must be considered! The more the number of transactions, the more stop loss should be set. The psychology of fluke is prohibited: fluke is a taboo for survival. If there is a fluke after a loss occurs, it may lead to more serious consequences. Therefore, after making a mistake, you must strictly stop the loss and do not take any chances! Non-retaliation ordering: The psychology of the gambler after losing is reversed, and investors must not have the same psychology of gambling as the gambler. The general principle is that the loss should not exceed twice a day. Once there are two losses, the state is not good and the possibility of continuous losses will increase. Therefore, retaliatory order placement may occur, and it must be strictly prohibited! Orders must not be placed without a plan: Before placing an order, a detailed plan must be made, including the direction of the order, the stop loss level, the target level, and beyond the judgment Post-response, capital use planning, risk control plan, etc., if there is no plan, it is strictly forbidden to place an order. Make a profit and loss record after each order and summarize experience. ; The correct method can be used repeatedly, the wrong method can be corrected in time, and the same mistake must not be repeated! Before placing an order, a comprehensive judgment must be made: the market will often be independent and reversible, and the news data and basic analysis cannot be completely trusted. Rely on technical indicators! Do not improvise trading, make orders based on feeling: improvised trading is random, goalless, and unplanned trading based on feeling. Although impromptu trading is very casual and free and easy, the probability of error is very high and the possibility of losing money is very high. In some cases, the market trend may be judged by feeling, but there is no successful person who is successful by feeling. Often relying too much on feeling to do the order, it will be unclear. Therefore, it feels unreliable to make an order, and every order must be justified!

In the investment market, spot crude oil investment has attracted more and more attention. Many friends who are eager for wealth have begun to contact this investment management product, hoping to make a profit from it. However, all investment customers should know that the crude oil speculation needs to look at the market and the market trend. So how do you look at the market for the spot crude oil? Look at the trading volume by observing the changes in the volume bar and the corresponding price changes to determine the volume Whether the price match is a positive match or a negative match. Specifically, the volume bar has gradually increased from short to longer, and the price hThe first U.S. tanker to export crude oil from Texasas also increased simultaneously, indicating that the momentum of pushing up is continuously strengthening, which is a positive match and can be followed; on the contrary, when the price rises, the volume bar is shrinking, which is a negative match. Look at the change in futures prices. When investing in spot crude oil, the time-sharing chart of the handicap sometimes suddenly appears to surge or dive. Because there is no warning in advance, it is called an abnormal trend. If you do not find out the reason, but follow the trend of the time-sharing chart to make investment decisions, it is very easy to get confused. In general, you should quickly search for the price trends of CBOT, LME and other exchanges, browse various news, and find out the cause as soon as possible. The principle is to watch the game in the short-term, although there are opportunities for long and short. However, you must have the overall trend judgment in your mind. For example, crude oil is now an adjustment after a long-term rise, and there is no obvious drop in demand. Short-term short-term holdings need to be cautious. On the contrary, in the long-term trend, be careful to hold long positions in the short term. Looking at the situation of the main control disk, the opening stage generally involves digesting the trend of the external disk and the latest news of the domestic market. Generally speaking, the impact of this kind of information on the domestic market will be fully displayed within 5 minutes, and then gradually faded, in about half an hour. , Forming a balanced pattern. I believe that after reading this article, everyone will have a deeper understanding of spot crude oil trading skills. If you want to know more about the spot crude oil market-reading skills, you can continue to pay attention to the China Petroleum Finance Network Academy section.

Trump previously tweeted that our delegation will negotiate with him and believe that it can be successful. Whether it is launching a zero investigation or imposing tariffs on commodities, the United States is all about reducing its trade deficit. The U.S. delegation’s visit to China for negotiations this time marked the ultimate showdown on the Sino-U.S. trade issue.