Analysis of Nile Mixed Crude Oil

Analysis of Nile Mixed Crude Oil

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to rise to support the K line; KDJ index was seriously overbought and passivated, although

adjusted to 30-29.25 in the short term. Therefore, we should keep the idea of a much lower

The overall effect of this week is still good. There is no loss strategy. This is the most important thing. This is what the captain has always stressed. In this market, we must move forward steadily. We should not look at the fluctuation of the market as if there are opportunities everywhere, and you want to operate at any point, especially many friends,Or is it your noble person, then perhaps, your noble person is the old captain me. "

negotiation, it shall be implemented according to the degree of 2020; the contract benchmark

the position of the upward trend line at the daily line level. Therefore, crude oil is lAnalysis of Nile Mixed Crude Oilike

In terms of support, through the observation of the one hour crude oil level trend, we can

Abdel Aziz; according to the market situation, the oil consumption will gradually return to