When does the current crude oil contract expire

When does the current crude oil contract expire

Investment is not gambling, let alone playing games. Everyone has the same investmentWhen does the current crude oil contract expire purpose, but the premise of investment is that as long as everyone’s economy is allowed, everyone can consider investing. We can’t think of getting rich overnight. Invest in the cost of living at home.

After the crude oil price rose and fell yesterday, the crude oil price at the opening of the trading day has been operating below $66. However, with the announcement of the IEA monthly report in the afternoon, the crude oil market suddenly ushered in positive news, and the crude oil price has recovered from the continuous rebound and rise. The previous oil price has returned to above 66 US dollars, and is still gradually expanding the increase.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce stated that the United States will go its own way and impose 25% tariffs on self-imported US$6 billion products under investigation 0 on August 2, which is clearly suspected of violating WTO rules. In this regard, China firmly opposes it and has to continue to make the necessary counterattack.

According to data from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the supply interruption rose from 500,000 barrels/day to 0 million barrels/day, which may cause oil prices to rise by about 8 to 9 US dollars/barrel. Bank of America Merrill Lynch said: We estimate that every change in the supply and demand gap by 0 million barrels will lead to an average increase of US$7 per barrel in oil prices. Therefore, based on these assumptions, we estimate that if Saudi Arabia cannot maintain and continue to increase oil production and Iranian oil exports drop to zero, oil prices may soar by US$50/barrel.

A mature trader can often find a relatively certain and graspable opportunity from the seemingly uncertain and random market fluctuations. Knowing when trading is most beneficial to speculators, when speculators should back off, watch the changes, etc. The market is like a sea that can accommodate all kinds of people including hedging, arbitrage, and speculators.

Jasper Lawler, head of resWhen does the current crude oil contract expireearch at London Capital Group, noticed Venezuela’s troubles and OPEC’s upcoming supply decisions. He said that oil traders may face a greater round of volatility.

On June 22, the 74th OPEC General Assembly will be held in Vienna. At that time, the Vienna Union of OPEC and Russia and other oil producing countries will reassess the oil market and make corresponding policy adjustments.

The volatility of the U.S. dollar index is good for crude oil prices. Today, the trade situation in Europe and the United States may further escalate. Because the EU will officially impose retaliatory tariffs on the United States today, the euro must fluctuate greatly against the dollar, and crude oil prices may be indirectly affected.

Foreign media reported that Venezuela has experienced a serious lag in the process of submitting crude oil products, indicating that the country's crude oil production difficulties have increased. The decline in global oil supply has increased and exceeded expectations, and the problem of oil surplus is currently turning into a shortage. In addition, the market is also worried that the new round of sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran may lead to a decline in Iran’s oil exports. Petroleum experts predict that the market’s current dilemma lies in insufficient oil supply rather than excess oil.