Crude oil prices Yahoo Finance

Crude oil prices Yahoo Finance

It will interfere with the 7 million barrels/day of oil trading and may cause oil prices to soar to $250 Crude oil prices Yahoo Financeper barrel. According to the current situation of Brent crude oil, even if the oil price rises to $00, it will put huge pressure on the global economy. UBS stated in its May report that if oil prices rise above US$00 per barrel, the US economy will fall into recession and reduce global GDP by US$100 billion.

Russian scholars said that Russia is not going to export a large amount of oil this year. The oil imported from Iran will be directly replaced by the Russian brand and exported to other countries. This kind of bartering trade can also increase Russia's exports to Iran, and Russia's food commodities and weapons can be continuously supplied to Iran. At the same time, Russia can also make a fortune by selling oil imported from Iran at a price increase.

Abstract: After the decline in Iran’s crude oil exports, Iraq seized the opportunity to export large amounts of oil in an attempt to seize Iran’s crude oil market. Especially the southern port of Basra in Iraq. In February 208, the export volume of crude oil from the port hit a new high.

Abstract: The recent OPEC crude oil production increase problem has not been resolved, and Russia seems to have a more headache on another issue. The government is thinking about how to develop a plan to impose taxes on the country's oil industry in the next ten years.

Goehring and Rozencwajg investment company reports show that global crude oil inventories will reach a record deficit later in 209. The report pointed out that the International Energy Agency had the habit of underestimating the growth of global crude oil demand in its report at the beginning of the year.

In the early morning of August 22, Beijing time, data released by the American Petroleum Institute API showed that API crude oil inventories in the United States decreased by 570,000 barrels to 05.6 billion barrels in the week ending August 7; Cushing crude oil inventories increased by 50,000 barrels last week. Inventories decreased by 90,000 barrels; refined oil inventories increased by 800,000 barrels last week. API data also showed that US crude oil imports last week decreased by 40Crude oil prices Yahoo Finance,000 barrels per day to 8.4 million barrels per day. Stocks of distillate oil, including diesel and heating oil, increased by 800,000 barrels.

Capuano said in a statement: The U.S. energy system will continue to undergo incredible transformations. Most obviously, the "Annual Energy Outlook Report" shows that the United States has become a net energy exporter during the forecast period of the reference case and in most sensitive cases, which is a far cry from what we imagined five or ten years ago.

Although crude oil prices continued to rise briefly after the opening on Monday, they returned to above US$69, but eventually returned to decline. They even fell below the 68 line, but finally closed between 68-69, which shows the intraday vibration. The magnitude is relatively large, but the closing point is still in a relatively safe position. Therefore, compared with some views that this is the beginning of the impact of OPEC’s production increase, the editor believes that Monday’s fall is only a limited correction to last week’s surge. .